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Seventh Generation

74. Stephen Percy died in 1847 in Damerham. He was buried on 27 Jul 1847 in Damerham. He was born (? 1780). He was a Master Blacksmith, Damerham. Reputed age at death of 56 would imply birth 1790!, see belowAccording to D A Longman's letter 27 Jan 1994.There is no trace of the baptism in Damerham of Stephen Percy.He was buried there in 1847 at a reputed age of 56. His first wife, Elizabeth, had two children, Sarah and Mary, and she was burried there in 1828. Stephen married a second time to Sophia Welsh in 1831. Sophia was buried at Damerham in 1837 and there was no issue."According to their reputed ages at burial both of Stephen'swives appear to have been older than him which is unlikely for a second wife. It is my view that Stephen was 66 and not 56 when he was burried" Why 66, just ten years out! His second wife was apparently was 49 at death.

75. Elizabeth was born in 1778. She was buried on 25 May 1828. She died in Damerham. Mr Longman's letter implies that he set her birth date by hereputed age at death, which is presumably 50. Children were:


Sarah Percy was baptized on 12 Apr 1814 in Damerham. She was born in 1814 in Damerham.



Mary Percy.

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