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Fifth Generation

28. Thomas Grinter was born in 1821. He died on 26 Feb 1895. He was buried in Netherbury, Dorsetshire. He was a Farmer, Hope Farm, Netherbury. Livead at Hope Farm, netherbury, See Kelly's Directory for DOR,1903died 1895 aged 74, see MI Netherbry

29. Sophia was born in 1835. She was buried in 1921 in Netherbury. She died on 28 Sep 1921. died 1921 aged 86, see MI Netherbury CY Children were:



Frederick Grinter.


Mary Kate Grinter was born in 1877. She died on 16 Jan 1962 in Netherbury, Dorsetshire. She was buried in Salwayash, Dorsetshire. Died 1962 aged 85 Salwayash see MI. Told Rita "Dont know why she wants to call her 'Diner', the only 'Diner' I know is old Diner Meech an shes not right in the head" Lived in the square at Netherbury in a cottage later named"Kate's cottage" after her death.

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