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Fourth Generation

Ellen, Maurice & Charles 1902










Ellen, Freda, Vera, Maurice & Charles (1909)                     Charles at Lower Buckland Farm Lymington (1930)

8. Charles Trowbridge2 was born on 18 Aug 1874 in Bowerchalke, Wiltshire.14 He signed a will on 3 Jan 1935 in Winchester PC.15 He was buried in 1935 in Cemetery, Highfield Rd., Lymington, Hampshire. He died on 19 Oct 1935 in Harneham House, Lymington, Hampshire.16 He was educated Bowerchalke C of E School, left at 12 years old.17 He was a Gardener, Tradesman, Dairy Farmer. He was a Baptist.

Maurice his son summed him up in this way: "My own father, Charl Trubridge, in Chalk valley dialect, was a man of massive contradictions. He feared no man on earth, but went to pieces over business worries. He preferred to work out his days rather than retire when the doctor told him to---to save his heart (he could have afforded to). He was a very religious man, but possessed a violent temper, which became uncontrollable at times. He always had one or two lame dogs in tow, and was a true exponent of the saying," don't let your right hand know what the left is doing". Tramps were always sure of a meal but they got no money. He was generous and kind to children, and would climb tall trees to show me a bird's egg. He was big and tall, fought our Guernsey bull with his walking stick, and won; when onlookers said he would get himself killed. He was afraid of water if it was more than a couple of feet deep.

He was variously a gardener, purveyor of ice cream, soft drinks and fish & chips, and for a number of years he was in charge of constructing the Bath and West agriculture shows. He was known in Bowerchalke as " A Hundred Pound Man", a young person, who by his enterprise managed to save £100. He moved to Salisbury, which offered him more scope for his business activities. Here he took a leading part in the Milford St. Methodist chapel. He courted a girl from his home village and they were married in the chapel on 4 February 1899. His wife was Nellie Vincent, Nellie (1876), who was born in Bowerwood near Fordingbridge Hants in 1876.Since the chapel job was part time he supplemented this work by his ever-expanding entrepreneurial activities. Just before the outbreak of the Great War he acquired an empty shop in Ox-Row, in the Market place, which he fitted out as a fish and chip shop. At this point he gave up the market work and also the chapel to concentrate on the shop which did well from the first but the hours were long, the work hard, and the atmosphere unhealthy. The family now lived over the shop with good accommodation and a fine view of the market and all that went on there. By 1918 he had become exhausted with long hours and the additional strain of war work so he decided to sell the chip shop and look for a more congenial business. The search for a suitable business went on, and in 1921 it was decided to take the dairy business in Lymington, Hants. After a slow start things eventually improved, and Charles became integrated into Lymington life, playing an important part in the Baptist Chapel in New Street. He became a deacon and trustee. In 1924 he acquired the farm at Lower Buckland and he and Nellie celebrated their silver wedding at the chapel with over 50 guests. At this point his son Maurice took over the running of the Dairy business in St Thomas St. Charles bought the land in Lower Buckland Road, which he called Harnham Close and built the house on it for his retirement, letting it in the meantime. He later built two bungalows on the top half, and his daughter Vera and her husband Arthur Wood lived in one. Charles was taken ill with a heart attack before the other was completed. After a slow pull back to some kind of health, he one day managed to put his working boots on and supervise loading some pigs, and went home and told Nellie what a wonderful day he had had---she found him dead in bed next morning (Saturday, 19 October, 1935).The report in the local paper includes the following:

" Lymington has lost a dairyman farmer and the Baptist Church a valued member by the death of Mr Charles Trowbridge, who died suddenly at his home in Lower Buckland on Saturday. Always having taken a keen interest in religion he will be missed at the Baptist Church where he was deacon. He and Mrs Trowbridge have been connected with chapel work all their lives. He was a founder member of Lymington Brotherhood, and members stood for a moment in silent tribute at Sunday's meeting " Charles Trowbridge and Ellen Vincent were married on 4 Feb 1899 in Methodist Chapel, Milford Str., Salisbury, Wiltshire.

9. Ellen Vincent2 was born on 3 May 1876 in Fordingbridge, Hampshire.18 She signed a will on 23 Jun 1953 in Winchester PC.19 She was buried in 1958 in Cemetery, Highfield Rd., Lymington, Hampshire. She died on 17 Aug 1958 in Lymington, Hampshire. She was a Baptist. Children were:



Maurice Cecil Trowbridge.


Frances Vera Trowbridge was born on 5 Mar 1905 in Salisbury, Wiltshire. She died on 11 Jul 1961 in Cottage Hospital, Lymington, Hampshire. She was buried in Jul 1961 in Cemetery, Highfield Rd., Lymington, Hampshire.


Evelyn Freda Trowbridge was born on 4 Jan 1908 in Salisbury, Wiltshire. She died on 12 Dec 1995 in New Milton, Hampshire. She was buried on 19 Dec 1995 in Bournemouth Crematorium.

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