Sherrell Photos

Wedding of Percy Sherrell and Alice Maud Durman, 1895

Littlehampton Congregational Church

Percy & Alice, 1985, detail

Sherrell Daughters at Beech, Alton, c.1906

Vi(seated on chair), LtR Madge, Boy & Connie

Rev George James Sherrell, c. 1919

Preaching at Low Ham, Somerset

George James Sherrel, 1920

With daughter Ellen and wife Dinah

Sherrell daughters with mother Alice, 1924

L to R Vi, Bju & Co with Aliuce's gd Hazel

Percy & Boy, 1925

Dover Pier

Trio Sherrell, 1925

Dover Pier

Dover Pier after the collision, c.1927

Harold Sherrell (Boy), c.1935

Rev George Sherrell with his Neices Dinah & Madge, c.1937

Eldest son of George James Sherrell

Percy and his brother George, c.1937

St Albans

Aunt Nell, c.1940

Hazel Gardiner, 1942